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Do you reside in Boca Raton seeking a flooring solution that combines the perfect mix of beauty, strength, and economy? If you have been not satisfied with traditional flooring options in terms of style and sustainability, you have come to the right place. Discover the amazing ability of stained concrete flooring to transform spaces. Miami Concrete Artisans stained concrete’s unparalleled versatility, value, and look makes it the ultimate answer for bringing out the beauty and longevity in your property. Why choose an inferior option when you can have the best?

Achieve state-of-the-art flooring systems crafted by skilled artisans of Resurfacing Concrete Boca Raton in Miami, Florida. For years now, our company of experienced and licensed contractors has been transforming residential and commercial spaces with high-end aesthetics. The coastal communities in Miami are choosing concrete resurfacing for a seamless and lasting floor solution. It is the best concrete materials that perfectly match a Miami inspired climate!

Plan your home or business improvement with our master artisans today!

Coastal Colors, Textures, and Designs for Home & Commercial Spaces

Boca Raton is famous for its breathtaking beaches. Those who love the warm touch of sunny weather choose to live in the coastal cities of Miami. For building flawlessly finished interiors and exteriors, stamping concrete floors is the best solution that experts recommend.

Located south of West Palm Beach County, travel destinations overflow in this coastal community. The place is filled with eccentric hotels, inns, restaurants, and classy residential areas. Only by using quality paving materials can sustain the distinct aesthetic of the Boca Raton neighborhood. Concrete floor overlays and coating products are suitable heat-absorbing materials.

We offer the beautifully rendered stained and stamped concretes for indoor and outdoor floors. You can choose from dozens of textures, patterns, and colors that highlight your properties’ coastal theme. 

Have a smooth, flawless finish to your pool deck, patio, driveway, garage, and more! Choose from our designs or customize as you like.

Reliable Craftsmen Providing Premium Floor Solutions

Our ultimate desire is to provide the perfect concrete floor solutions to every client we work for. We list a summary of our professional experience in the construction and home improvement market throughout the years. Get to know us more!

  • We are providing quality service in the concrete industry for over 20 years now!
  • We specialize in concrete floor resurfacing, refinishing, overlays & repair.
  • We are licensed contractors working to ensure your protection and safety to your concrete floors and properties.
  • We take pride in our responsive and reliable customer- care service staff.
  • We provide client-centered transactions, answering your inquiries, assessing your property, and guiding you to have the best solutions for your flooring systems.
  • We blend passion, creativity, and accuracy, whether for achieving quality floors, pool deck, concrete patio, driveway, garage, etc.
  • We make accurate quotations and provide details of our completed projects, for excellent communication and planning to your project!
  • It is our honor to express our gratitude for receiving excellent customer feedback and making us certified the best in the business.
  • We give you what you pay for! Expect only the best!
  • We take extra care and provide the utmost protection to our installers and workers, all geared up to secure a safe and healthy workforce.
  • We like to work fast and accurately. We are finishing projects time-efficient with high-quality results.
  • We have been hiring passionate professionals who love their work and appreciate art.
  • Our team of installers, managers, designers, and planners has been in our company for more than 10 years.
  • Customer satisfaction is our everyday goal! We are waiting for you! So, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to email or call us. We are here to help.

Premium Concrete Resurfacing: Stamped, Stained, Epoxy & More!

Crafted for supreme versatility, using concrete is today’s in-demand flooring material. It is affordable and very versatile. It is resurfacing with concrete suits whatever floor improvement you need. Anything from refinishing, restoration, or polishing, refinished, any floor surface will be covered. It is very affordable. The cost of maintenance is cheap, effective, and comes with many benefits.

Effectively enhance a plain and dull pool area, patio, driveway, garage flooring, and interior floors, into an elegant, slip-resistant, and durable surface.

Various application processes can fit the type of concrete you have. It also must coincide with the overall theme and the environment setting of your location. Here are our premium services to introduce you to different concrete resurfacing of your choice:

Stamped Concrete Overlays – Stamping concrete is ideal for patios, driveways, and around your pool areas. It makes use of various overlay patterns that provides you with designs and patterns that represent nature. It also best for creating classic designs that look more polished and modern. The most popular are brick, flagstone, tile, ashlars, wood, and more!

Stained Concrete – Staining is a floor resurfacing process that is ideal for both indoor and outdoor floors. This technique is the customer’s choice if they need to resurface an existing slab. It involves two main application methods: the acid stain and the water-based stain. Acid-based stains, enhanced through etching techniques, create unique effects on the floor, making light refracting features that are especially striking in spacious rooms. Water-based stains, often sealed with a high-quality sealer, are best for exterior floors, providing a solid color texture. Both methods may involve the use of dyes for added color intensity and require specific cleaning and maintenance protocols to ensure the longevity of the stains.

Spray Knockdown Texture – This process is a more advanced resurfacing method. Instead of the traditional coatings brushed and applied on the surface, this uses a trowel and hopper gun to spray the mix on the surface. This technique makes a distinct texture, often used for repairing the pool deck.

Epoxy Flooring – The most ideal resurfacing for garage floors, is the mix of resin and hardener, which is epoxy. It dries to a tough, sturdy surface. It is non-porous, impact and stain-resistant, and last a long time.

Polyurea Polyaspartic Coatings – This technique is known for its one-day install process. If you need a quick finish to your flooring projects, polyurea coating is the best option. This s especially, highly recommended for urgent projects. This is good for the business establishment that does not want to disrupt the business flow.

Customized Colors, Patterns & Designs For Concrete Pool Decks, Patios, Driveways & Garage Floors

If you think that concrete is too contemporary and you want an edge from other home and business owners then, customize your design and patterns for your interiors and exteriors.

We highly recommend customization, especially if you are creative and have keen attention to art. Our contractors with years of experience will be pleased to work with you to come up with your signature floors. It is our utmost desire to ensure to meet client satisfaction by having them personalize their floor patterns. That is how passionate we are in this industry! It is a privilege for us to complete every project with hands-on clients.

Free In-home Consultation Resurfacing, Repair & Refinishing

What is special about our service is that we offer free-of-charge in-home consultation. Why do you need in-home consultation? Construction improvement supplies and materials continually change. Process and products evolve, so for both new and regular concrete resurfacing clients, updating their basic knowledge are essential.

Contractors do not expect that a customer knows everything about concrete. The best way to do a successful project is by letting the client learn the knots on resurfacing products.

Our team’s delight is to share details, costs, and ideas to boost our customers’ satisfaction. We are so willing to visit your site and present the estimated cost depending on your concrete flooring service need. We provide FREE-QUOTE! Make easier decisions and plan your home and business improvement exactly how you want it to be.

How Much Will It Cost?

After you have learned about your resurfacing and installation option, the next anticipated question is, how much will it cost? Various elements affect the cost of your project. First, you need to identify the pattern or design you want. The price will largely depend on how complex or simple a design is. An elaborate design might need more time to detail during planning. And the materials necessary to achieve the pattern will also influence the cost.

Collaborate now with our contractors. Call us today, so you can start your creative ideas form into life!

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Take this opportunity now to uplift your construction needs to another level! Decorative concrete resurfacing or refinishing is a cost-effective solution to your floors that can instantly beautify your interiors and exteriors. Low-maintenance, efficient and durable materials will not run out of benefits. It’s all gain for you!

Our expert contractors will help you make a wise decision. We are a team of professionals that loves attention for details and accuracy!

We are just a call away! Get a practical, low-cost concrete solution with stamped overlays, concrete staining, epoxy coatings, and more, now!

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