Is Concrete Sealing Worth It for your Concrete Floors?

Do you want to make your concrete stand out? Do you want to protect it from things such as weathering, abrasion, freeze-thaw, and other damaging elements? Concrete sealing is the answer! It’s worth every penny. A lot of Professional concrete sealing and polishing can do it for you. But, if hiring the pros is not your thing, why not make it into a DIY project? 

Today’s piece will talk about concrete sealing and why it’s worth your time and resources. 

What Is Concrete Sealing?

Concrete sealing is the process of installing sealers onto existing concrete and other surfaces. And they protect your structures from freeze-thaw, cracks, chipping, and liquid-based mishaps. You or staining and sealing concrete companies can install sealing products on the following:

  • Concrete driveways
  • Patios
  • Garages
  • Indoor and outdoor concrete
  • Halls
  • Show floors

What are the Advantages Of Sealing Your Concrete?

No matter what kind of concrete surface your properties have, sealing always brings out the good points. Here are some of the benefits concrete sealing offers you.

  • Improved Damage Resistance

Penetrating sealers enhance how the concrete withstands and deters weathering, damage, and imperfections. Moisture does not have to be your worry either. The sealers can easily block it out and prevent it and other liquids from getting into the structure.

  • Easy Maintenance

Sealers make upkeep and maintenance issues nothing but a walk in the park. Sealers deter moisture, water, and stains, making them effortless to remove.

  • Appeal

Your concrete surfaces will look even more charming once you use sealing products. They make the concrete’s natural look stand out more and leave a high-gloss finish. 

  • Budget-friendly

Not only does sealing concrete make it last for more extended periods. But, it also allows you to save some of that precious cash. Acrylic sealers cost $0.17 per square foot, while clear sealers cost $0.11 per square foot. A local company charges $36 every hour, including hauling materials and other things, like transportation. 

Using a high-quality sealing product improves the structure’s durability and efficiency. And this aspect means you spend less on repairs and purchasing additional sealers. 

What’s the Difference between Spraying and Rolling Concrete Sealing?

Homeowners debate whether it is better to spray or roll concrete sealers. While personal preference impacts choosing what to use, the answer lies in what type of sealing product you will use. You may use rollers for decorative sealers. And utilize sprays for concrete penetrating sealers. Concrete Sprays are for large-scale endeavors, while rolled-on sealings are easily accessible and can work for any job, big or small.

How Much Sealing Do I Need To Have Or Do?

A brown kitchen floor with concrete sealer

You must first determine the following factors to know how much sealing you will have to do.

  • The number of coats you will apply
  • The total square feet you will cover
  • Sealer coverage rate
  • The concrete’s current status
  • Concrete porosity

You have to consider how old the concrete is as well. An old concrete tends to be more porous and thus requires a lot more sealing. Before you do any sealing tasks, ask around or get advice from an expert flooring installer to reduce risks and other issues. 

It is also a best practice to be prepared and have extra sealing products in hand. You might not know when you’ll run out. Decorative sealers last for nine months to four years. And penetrating concrete sealing products can last for at 8 to 10 years. 

Convince to Get Concrete Sealing?

Sealing is worth it, guaranteed. And turning the concrete sealing into a DIY project is a rewarding experience. But take note of the various factors affecting it beforehand. Doing so will allow you to achieve the results you want and reduce the risks for errors and additional expenses. However, there might come a time that you would not have time for such a task.

There is always the option of getting the help of a local contracting company. They can get the sealing job and other concrete resurfacing options done faster and more efficiently, delivering outcomes worth the additional expense.

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