Decorative Concrete Miami, FL:

Versatile Applications for Residential and Commercial Use


In the past, decorative concrete meant a mix of concrete and aggregate, such as gravel, pebble, or crushed stone. Nowadays, concrete has become more versatile as decorative coatings and overlays have become available all over the country. The limit on enhancing plain concrete floors have been lifted. Residential and commercial floor owners now have a wide selection of colors and designs to satisfy their needs and wants.

Top Enhancing Concrete Solutions

Concrete is one of the most reliable materials in the construction industry. When damage is evident, a professional contractor can assess the extent of the damage to check if it could benefit from a decorative concrete resurfacing or refinishing or if it requires a complete concrete repair or replacement. If the slab is still structurally sound, the floor owner can choose from different applications, such as:

Stamped Concrete Overlay– A thin layer of this concrete overlay is applied on a clean concrete surface. Contractors then add stamped concrete patterns and textures with a patterned mat depending on the design preferred by the floor owner. It can be ashlar, brick, herringbone, flagstone, and more. For natural stone patterns, stains can be manually applied to recreate the look of the stone being simulated. Hence, this makes stamped concrete one of the most preferred solutions for concrete floors.

Staining Concrete – Concrete stains come in two types: acid and water-based. Acid stained concrete has that antiquated and mottled look because of the reactive metallic salts that come in contact with lime. Water-based stains, on the other hand, produce more solid and consistent colors because it is non-reactive. A coating of sealer will enhance the colors more and protect it from fading.

Knock down Texture– This acrylic cement coating is quite unique because it is sprayed on instead of applied on a concrete surface. The sprayed acrylic is then knocked down with a trowel, creating a sculptural and artistic texture. This is great for use on pool decks, not only because of its slip-resistant texture but because it has the capability to stay 30% cooler than other paving materials. Your pool deck will never be the same again with knockdown texture.

Epoxy Flooring – This is a type of coating that works well on garage and basement floors. Epoxy is mixed and then applied on a concrete floor, with the option to make it more decorative with some paint chips. It requires a few days to cure completely before it can be used. The result is a durable surface that is resistant to dirt, stains, grease, and oil.

Polyurea Polyaspartic Coating – An alternative to epoxy coating, polyurea polyaspartic is a super durable material originally developed for use on industrial floors. This is highly popular for its quick-dry feature. It takes just a day for this material to dry, cure, and be ready for use.

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