Concrete Driveway Miami, FL: Drive in Style with Decorative Surface Options

The driveway is the most eye-catching part of a landscape. Why? Because it starts from the street all the way to the garage. In the past, the driveway is where luxurious carriages drive past to be admired and to be welcomed. Nowadays, a concrete driveway still signifies the arrival experience. It should look extraordinarily pleasant to make the arrival delightful and memorable. Decorative concrete driveways can do that and more. Why settle for a plain concrete or asphalt driveway to greet you when the entry and exit can be a lot more graceful?

Decorative Concrete Driveway Solutions

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There are many driveway designs that could make a good first and lasting impression. It does not even have to involve natural stone, concrete pavers, or brick to make it happen. Here are the coolest yet most affordable options:

Stamped Concrete Overlay – This is applied to an existing concrete slab and then patterns are imprinted on it using stamp mats. There is a wide selection of patterns to choose from, such as ashlar, brick, herringbone, fan, natural stone, and more. The stamped patterns can be further enhanced with the addition of concrete stains, especially with natural stone patterns like flagstone, slate, and cobblestone.

Acrylic Cement Coating – This spray-on acrylic is ideal for driveways because it creates a stucco-like texture that improves tire traction. The troweled concrete finish is also known for staying 30% cooler than most paving materials. It makes issues like hot tire pickup easier to prevent.

Driveway Resurfacing Vs. New Driveway Installation

Concrete is, no doubt, one of the best driveway materials. But why opt for a resurfacing over a complete concrete overhaul? First of all, new driveway costs can be quite expensive. Think about the bags of cement and labor involved. Resurfacing the driveway costs less because it makes use of the existing concrete slab and applying the highest quality material on top. Reusing the old concrete also helps reduce carbon footprint and concrete waste in the landfill. Aesthetically, the design and color selection with resurfacing is wider and more versatile.

Concrete Driveway Miami Maintenance

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Whether you live in south Florida, Hollywood, North Miami or even around Miami beach, new driveways are always in. But how do you keep it looking spic and span? Easy! Concrete is one of the easiest flooring options to maintain compared to others. Here are some cleaning and maintenance tips to get your driveways looking new for years to come.

  • Clean it Properly. Use a pressure washer or your typical sponge and soap water to scrub away any dirt and grime. Chemicals like Trisodium Phosphate can be used for difficult oil stains. Other solutions like cat litter or sawdust are available as long as you make sure it does not destroy the sealer.
  • Don’t Park on It. Avoid excess stress on your driveway especially on the edges where concrete is weaker. Whenever possible, park it in the garage or at the edge of the driveway.
  • Minimize Water. Make sure a drainage system or cannal is built to veer the water away from the driveway. Concrete may be tough but it will break down faster if it always exposed to water.
  • Avoid Harsh Chemicals. Don’t use salt and chemicals like carbons or chloride sulfates that penetrate the surface and cause cracks.
  • Get a Driveway Repair if Needed. Don’t leave cracks lying around. Should you need to diy, patch them immediately or get a concrete repair contractor to do the job for you.


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