Garage Floors Miami, FL: Tough and Durable Solutions


When you think of a garage, the first scene that probably comes to mind is a messy, gnarly, disorganized space where every item that has no use yet is tucked away in one corner or another. While the stuff stored in the garage can be fixed and organized, an old and ugly concrete garage flooring is difficult to hide. Some homeowners cover it up with expensive mats and tiles that manufacturers claim to be made for heavy usage. Probably effective but definitely temporary. If you want a long-lasting solution that does not cost too much, then decorative concrete is for you.

Highly Recommended Garage Floor Coating Options: Epoxy & Polyurea Polyaspartic

Decorative concrete is trending because it provides top quality solutions at affordable rates. For concrete garage floors, there are two highly recommended coatings you could choose from:

Epoxy Floor Garage – This type of coating consists of a resin and hardener that, when mixed well together, can be installed on top of a concrete garage floor. It hardens to a seamless and very durable surface that can withstand most types of damage. An epoxy floor can be customized further with micro paint chips if you fancy a granite or terrazzo look.

Polyurea Polyaspartic – This epoxy alternative solution is also a two-part material that was originally developed as a floor coating for industrial settings. It just goes to show how tough it is to be able to withstand the traffic and abuse in factories, warehouses, and other industrial facilities. Now available for residential use, the coating is not only popular for its durability but also for its fast-drying features. This is a 1-day install coating that is perfect for urgent projects.

Notable Benefits of Garage Floor Resurfacing

Resurfacing an existing concrete garage floor is becoming a popular option for property owners. Before you go ahead and join the fun, it is important that you understand why:

  • Resurfacing is a great way of restoring an old concrete floor. Replacing the entire slab costs a lot more and takes longer to complete.
  • Manufacturing concrete increases carbon footprint. By restoring a concrete slab that has minor damage, you get to help minimize the unnecessary production of new concrete.
  • Polyurea Polyaspartic and Epoxy garage floor coatings can make any garage floor look elegant and expensive.
  • Decorative concrete coatings are cost-effective solutions. It is inexpensive and it helps you save more money in the long run. How? You get to save hard-earned money on zero to minimal repairs and maintenance products.

Why Settle for Less if you can have more? Work with expert concrete contractors in Miami FL! Call us at (786) 899-2146 for a Tougher and More Durable Garage Flooring.

Miami Concrete Artisans is a leading decorative concrete company that specializes in resurfacing, refinishing, and repairing indoor and outdoor concrete surfaces. We cater to both residential and commercial locations in the Miami, FL area. One of the concrete spaces we specialize in is garage flooring. Our team of installers is highly trained to handle garage floor coatings, making sure that it is properly installed.

Didn’t think that garage floors can get any better? Contact us. We can transform your old floor into something so grand you would hardly believe it’s real. We’ll give you a free consultation and quote.

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I used Miami Concrete Artisans to do my pool deck area and they were amazing! Not only were they helpful in showing samples, colors etc… they were extremely organized and beyond efficient! I plan on using them in the future for more projects! I would highly recommend this company!
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Miami Concrete Artisans were a pleasure to work with. From the beginning of the process (project review, bid estimate, contract) to the final step (sealing my new porch and walkway), the team was courteous, professional, accommodating and thorough. Other than the weather prolonging the process, everything happened in order, as stated and without problems. I love my new walkway/porch and would recommend MCA to everyone!
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