If you are the type of homeowner who loves throwing parties and hosting weekend gatherings in your pool area, you might want to make sure that the pool deck is in pristine condition. But if you notice imperfections, like cracks and discoloration, it may be time to give it a makeover. If the area looks boring then you might need to decorate a bit more. It’s such a good thing that there are easy and inexpensive things you can do to make the pool area ready for summer.

Pool Deck Resurfacing

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There is no need to replace the existing deck to acquire a new look and to deal with pool deck damage. Simply installing a new thin layer of material to an existing surface is enough to make the deck more decorative and enjoyable.

Furniture Change

pool deck resurfacing miamiSometimes, simply changing the outdoor furniture is enough to give the pool area a fresh look. If you can’t afford to purchase new ones now, you can just rearrange the existing furniture. You maybe have some unused chairs or tables in the house you could add to the deck for more seating.


An outdoor rug is a popular accessory for pool decks nowadays. You can place it under chaise lounge chairs or incorporate it into an outdoor dining area. Just make sure that the rug you use is designed especially for outdoor use. You may also add colorful throw pillows on outdoor furniture to make the space cozier and more inviting.

Go Green

concrete pool deck miamiGreenery is always a good thing, be it indoors or out. On the pool deck, add some plants to freshen up the look. It is highly recommended to use plants that repel mosquitoes and other bugs. While most of this type give off a bit of an odor, make sure to place them in areas that are not too near where people could smell them. If you want a more decorative option, flowering plants are always top of the list. Choose those that require minimal maintenance. You would not want to spend your summer watering them and putting mulch, would you?

Add Shade

pool deck resurfacing miamiNot everyone enjoys basking under the sun. For those who want some shade, add some. It can be a table with a huge umbrella on it, like those in sidewalk restos, or just a fabric extending from the eave of the roof.