5 Benches that Would Look Great on a Concrete Patio

concrete patio may not be as expensive, but it can look just as good as a brick, stone, or wooden patio. One factor that contributes to the overall aesthetics is the type of furniture you use. A bench is one of the most common outdoor furniture that homeowners use. It is important to choose a type that complements the concrete patio. It should be appealing, comfortable, and durable to withstand outdoor elements. Here are some cool ideas:

Built-in Concrete Patio Bench

If you are confident that you won’t want to rearrange the furniture in the patio, stationary seats would be a good idea. Some patios already have built-in benches made of concrete. The great thing about this is that it can be immediately installed along with the patio. Plus, concrete is a durable material perfect for outdoor use. You can even build a fire pit or add some decorative concrete designs to go with it.

Wooden Bench

Wood is a traditional material that has always been popular both for indoor and outdoor use. As long as it is sealed properly, wooden benches could withstand outdoor elements just fine. One popular trend is using raw wood, like straight from the tree, and making a bench out of it. Sitting on a natural wood bench would surely make you feel closer to nature.

Mosaic Bench

If you are feeling artsy, why not make a mosaic bench? Just gather old and broken vases, cups, and plates. Using a tile clipper, you can cut them into workable pieces and just express yourself through patterns. This is a cool idea if you are tired of plain concrete benches and need something creative to breathe new life into it. Mosaic benches are also great conversation pieces.

Swing Bench

Who doesn’t love a swing bench? Having one hanging on a concrete patio will definitely be a treat! Just make sure that the bench is hanging securely from the roof or eave, wherever it can be hung. Before enjoyment and aesthetics, safety must always come first.

Cinder Block Bench

A DIY cinder block bench is one of the trends in concrete patios nowadays. By strategically arranging cinder blocks and inserting thick wooden pieces in the holes, you can create benches, tables, and even outdoor chaises for the patio. Just make sure that you use high-quality cinder blocks and treated wood to make it more durable and long-lasting.

If you’ve found great benches for your patio, match the aesthetics by getting expert decorative concrete for your concrete patios. Discover more ways to improve your home by reading our blog about refurbished floors with color patterns.

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