My Non-Chemical Flooring: Healthiest Floor Trends 2021

Why does it matter to know what is the healthiest type of flooring? Miami flooring contractor knows how it feels to use strong-smelling chemicals to build various structures. But, even if you are mixing cement, you know that your lungs are in peril with every particle from sand, lime, and other tiny debris that can endanger your system.

Breathe! You come to the right place. Today’s blog will show trending non-toxic floors! Take it away!

chemical testing for floor

First, take a quick preview of an expert Miami concrete contractor recommended floors that do no hit hard on your health. 

  • Concrete flooring
  • Hardwood flooring
  • Linoleum
  • Polished concrete
  • Tile
  • Laminate 
  • Cork flooring
  • Bamboo floors

You might be a health-conscious homeowner. Or it can be that you are someone who looks after the commercial property. And you want to cater to those who take a good look after their health. 

If you need to find down the floor type that meets your specifics, like your  Miami interior floors design, budget, health sensitivity, and area, ask a local flooring expert. You can get in touch with one now as you finish reading the post until the end.

Let’s define those flooring trends mentioned above.


1. Polished Concrete Floors

Concrete floors greet you everywhere. High traffic areas might get you worried, though, if the concrete floors kept n being under the grind with heavy objects every day. 

Here comes an efficient and effective concrete floor resurfacing. Concrete polishing allows the floors to get sealing and protection from heavy wear and tear. 

wash room with a glass wall

The concrete consist of cement materials. These are porous that when they get exposed to water, heat, impact the pores fumes particles up in the air. That micro-sized debris may not be evident to your site, but it sure can inhibit your lungs.

Polishing solves concrete sealing problems. The top layer of the floors is applied by either stain, dye, acrylic, or epoxy to create a wear-resistant surface. As a result, dense objects like the floors will not anymore fume those volatile organic compounds or VOC from disintegrating concrete.

2. Hardwood Flooring

No doubt that hardwood floors are healthy. They’re from natural wood materials, just like your trees around d your backyard. Wooden floors will not emit VOCs.

Another is that if you let expert flooring installers get you a high-quality wood species, your floors will also be safe from pests and insects that can destroy the floors and risk your health.

Moreover, you can also apply protective sealers over the wooden surface. These floors will keep you safe, too. The surface has natural traction from the layers of the wood.

baby standing on a hardwood floor

3. Marble Tiles 

Tiles nowadays can be both toxic and non-toxic. But one good thing that you read today’s post is that you’ll discover those that are safer to use here. 

Marble tiles, for one, are generally healthy to use. Marble is also naturally found and produced from cutting the stone. There’s not much processing needed to manufacture marble tiles. So they are super safe. 

Now beware of some ceramic and porcelain tiles. Some products use glaze to make the materials look desirable. Or some instances ad color and patterns to them. The glaze used is fought to have lead in it. Lead is a very toxic compound that you do not want entering your properties.


The previous show you low chemical and low VOC emitting floors. Next are floors that do not only emit harmful compounds but also do help clean the air. How?

person wearing gloves cutting linoleum flooring with knife

1. Natural Linseed Flooring

Natural linoleum floors can get rid of musty odors. But, have you ever, gets headaches from smelly floor mats and carpets? Then cleaning got so much pain in the back due to how much weight you need to flip the flooring mats around.

If you’re going to buy natural linoleum, make sure to find the one that got a UV-cured sealer. These are a kind of acrylic glue and sealer that is used to glue down the mats. It claims to have an anti-mildew compound in it, preventing foul order from building up.

2. Wood and Vynil Floors Hybrid

Finally, an engineered wood that combines vinyl and wood, eliminating any more off-gassing, especially the PVC odor. These are harmful fumes that plywood usually got. So, now you won’t have to be bothered by a strong wooden smell when you just got a newly installed hybrid floor.

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