How To Keep Your Patios Non-Slip Even When Raining?

Non-slip concrete flooring’s roughness gives you the grip you need to be safe. It also implies that you might need to approach cleaning differently, especially during rainy seasons. 

Many slip-resistant floor coatings have grit that is unsuitable for mopping due to the surface’s uneven roughness, which may damage the mop threads.

So today, you’re about to learn everything you need to know to maintain your non-slip patios as best as stamped concrete Miami can get.

a wet floor on the patio, with hanging lights and a chair

Anti-Slip Decking VS Regular Decking

You should certainly think about non-slip concrete patio Miami if you want an outdoor area that is suitable for families. 

These decorative slabs have excellent anti-slip properties and are ideal for shaded regions where moss and algae can grow.

Cleaning an anti-slip deck is no different from cleaning a standard hardwood deck when it comes down to it. The only real difference is that you can use other deck cleaning products if you so want. Therefore, there is only so much else you need to know to prepare your deck for the coming sunny days. 

You may increase your footing by selecting rough pavement slabs, textured paving stones, and riven paving. This will lessen the possibility of stumbles, falls, and other frequent family mishaps that might occur in the garden.

Benefits Of Non-Slip Patios

Since non-slip patio slabs are intended to be used outside in any weather, there are a ton of possibilities available. They must be appropriate for the intended use.

Mindfulness is priceless. Therefore, non-slip paving would be the best option if you need 100% guaranteed traction on your patio suitable for all weathers. 

Trustworthy contractors use products that have undergone specific testing to ensure that the quality of the flooring used for your patio is acceptable, so you can be confident that it will be suitable for families, both young and elderly.

Best Ways to Clean

Non-skid flooring is unique compared to other types of flooring. When cleaning a non-skid surface, you’ll need to use a different, gentler method than a simple mop. Here are various methods for properly cleaning non-slip flooring:

Brush and Water

It is advised to clean floors with slip-resistant coatings using a deck brush and warm water. To preserve a slip-resistant floor, stay away from detergents since they could leave behind a soap buildup if they are not thoroughly washed off after use.

Please be aware that it might be challenging to rinse off detergents thoroughly. Your floor may become less slip-resistant when wet owing to residue buildup. Use a low-pressure hose to give the floor a thorough washing before it dries to prevent cleaning substance intrusion.

brushing the wet floor


If you have one, try to sweep your home’s slip-resistant flooring at least once every week. In outdoor settings with dirt or leaf debris on the ground, more often may be required. Pick a soft push broom rather than sweeping with a hard-bristle broom.

When cleaning is necessary, use a dense, synthetic-fiber broom (not a mop) and plain, warm water. Use the brush to scrub away dirt and dust gently. But it is advised to sweep slip-resistant flooring every day in business settings. Use a thick, synthetic fiber deck broom to sweep away the trash.

Power Washing

Cleaning your anti-slip decking quickly and efficiently involves giving it a power wash.

Use a power wash attachment for a hose pipe if you don’t have a pressure washer. A deck cleanser that is quick and simple to use is power or pressure washing.

Nevertheless, there may be some drawbacks to using this deck-washing technique. Make sure the power/pressure washer is set at low power and that you don’t overdo it because it might harm the wood. 

Although composite decking will be more durable than non-slip hardwood decking, you should still exercise caution when using a power or pressure washer.

cleaning the floor with power washer

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do I Need A Deck Cleaning Solution?

Is a particular deck-cleaning solution necessary? You may be aware that deck cleaning solutions come in a variety, but are they actually essential or simply a nice-to-have extra? It all relies on how well the deck is maintained. 

Just using water won’t do much good if the decking is unclean. Some individuals commonly produce their homemade deck cleaning by mixing hot water and bleach.

However, store-bought deck cleanser will typically work fine; some varieties may be sprayed straight onto the decking or combined with water and removed.

Do Sealants Make Concrete More Slippery?

The slip resistance of concrete floors can be impacted by sealants when they are applied initially. This, though, will eventually lose its effect. 

If you are worried about the slip resistance of your garden floors, you may add a polymer and polyethylene grit into the sealer solution before it is sprayed. Additionally, it can be strewn across a wet sealant to adhere to the surface. 

As a rule, it’s not advised to do so as a DIY project because the provider will no longer be responsible for a sealant’s failure, and we seldom ever hear of new sealants having problems. 

Once the sealant has set and seeped into the surface, whatever slip factor a solvent-based sealer may have caused will be almost completely gone in weeks or even days.
The best is to provide your patio floors with a professional Stamped Concrete Miami to ensure safety and durability.

Can You Make Concrete Non-Slip?

To make the wet concrete sealers more slip-resistant, silica sand can be added to the surface. The method is covering the initial coat of recently applied concrete sealant with a layer of silica sand. The second layer of concrete sealer is applied and completed after drying.

Polished concrete floors provide much greater slip resistance than tile or wood floors, even when wet. When placed properly, polished concrete flooring lowers insurance costs and liability for company owners.

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