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Who doesn’t want a better patio? Like those with a concrete patio in Fort Lauderdale and in almost every home in Miami, Florida has a patio. Some are upfront, some hidden in the backyard. No matter where it is on the property, it needs to look as good as it functions. Why spend tons of money on expensive materials when there are decorative concrete resurfacing solutions? With only a minimal investment, any concrete patio Miami could look elegant and presentable.

Perks of Decorative Concrete Patio Miami

  • Adaptable to any style
    No matter what theme or era a house is sporting, there is an appropriate decorative concrete solution to match or complement it. Mix and match colors and textures that will suit your plants and furniture. Have fun with the design without being limited to the typical patio.
  • Highly durable
    Each overlay or coating is designed to withstand destructive elements such as snow, water, heat, foot traffic, and more. This also improves the overall lifespan of your concrete surfaces since it gives an added protection against stains and moisture that can seep in the concrete and affect the structure underneath.
  • Low-maintenance
    Why spend more hiring special cleaning services or buying expensive cleaning products? Decorative concrete resurfacing makes patios virtually maintenance-free. All you need is good old soap and water. Keep it dust free and you’ll keep it looking good as new.
concrete patio with trowelled texture

Patio Resurfacing Ideas: Coatings & Overlays

concrete patio miami

There are many ways one could intensify the look and function of a patio’s concrete surface. And the cost of patio upgrade need not even be outrageously expensive. Here are resurfacing ideas for concrete patios:

Stamped Concrete – Stamped concrete patio overlay is one of the most popular resurfacing options among patio owners. It presents a wide range of stamped concrete designs to choose from, such as brick, flagstone, herringbone, ashlar, slate, and more.

Staining Concrete – For an instant improvement to old patios, concrete stains are highly recommended. Acid or water-based stains add color and vibrancy to plain floors. Stained concrete can also be done on resurfaced concrete surfaces as an additional enhancement.

Spraying Acrylic on Concrete – An acrylic cement coating is sprayed on a concrete floor with a hopper gun and then knocked down with a hand trowel. This spray down concrete system is known for its light color, stucco-like texture, and cool surface temperature.

Frequently Asked Questions

For the basic type, it costs $3 to $5 per square foot while a decorative overlay is priced at $7 to $12 per square foot. As for stamped, this ranges from $8 to $20 per square foot.

Yes. Thanks to its durability, it can last up to 10 to 20 years given that it receives proper maintenance.

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