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Concrete is now one of the top choices when it comes to high-quality and charming flooring systems. It boasts variety in design and durability, lasts longer than other alternatives, and is budget-friendly. So, are you thinking about installing concrete floors?

Concrete Polishing Miami is here to lend you a professional helping hand! We are the best when it comes to commercial and industrial concrete flooring solutions. We will transform those surfaces into well-functioning, high-gloss, and appealing polished concrete floors Miami that you won’t find anywhere else!

What is Concrete Polishing Miami?

Polished concrete Miami is a restoration process that converts old and worn-down concrete floors into beautiful surfaces. These structures highlight a smooth and glossy finish no other flooring method can replicate. The approach works best for the following settings.

  • Warehouses
  • Storage outlets
  • Office complexes
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Vehicle showrooms
  • Residential properties

What’s the Difference Between Wet And Dry Floor Polishing?

Polished concrete floors in Miami can happen in two ways: wet and dry. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, and we are here to differentiate them.

  • The Wet Polish Approach

The wet method uses water to act as a lubricant for the diamond abrasive. This aspect gets rid of grinding dust completely, and it also solves the problem of friction. Grinding disks tend to melt at extremely high temperatures. Water assists in preventing such circumstances. The only downside to the wet approach is that cleaning and disposal must occur every once during the grinding process.

  • The Dry Polish Approach

Dry polishing does not make use of water or other liquids. Thanks to technological advancements, grinding disks can now cope with the tremendous heat and friction. This new grinding equipment saves time and improves work productivity. The negative aspect of the dry approach is that dust gets in the way of the task. 

Benefits Of Concrete Polishing

Polishing concrete is similar to burnishing wood. And if you know what burnished wood looks like, you’ll have an idea how spectacular concrete will appear afterward. However, it is not all about shine and shimmer. Read on to find out the various advantages of polishing your surfaces.

  • Polishing a concrete floor turns it into a beautiful and high-quality structure. The brilliance makes it stand out a lot more and also highlights the overlay or coating underneath.
  • The polish will improve the structure’s durability and strength. Polished concrete floorings function and last longer.
  • The process of polishing can go along with repairs and other concrete maintenance and rehabilitation activities.
  • Other concrete floor coating methods are expensive, but not concrete polishing. The process is cost-efficient, allowing you to save more cash. The average cost for installation is around $3 to $11. However, this might change depending on the project’s complexity, duration, and other factors.
  • Customers love environmentally-friendly products, and you can’t get any more environmentally friendly than concrete polishing. Our polish is guaranteed safe and non-toxic. And it complies with safety standards and other regulations.

 Concrete Polishing Miami | Installation Areas


Custom patios will shine and sparkle. Our Miami polishing services will help create a sense of contrast between the structure and the surrounding greenery in your home or business properties.

Pool decks

You will have more time around your pool decks after we give them a complete polishing makeover. Besides, the result improves the setting’s overall slip-resistance, making it safer for patrons.


You can utilize exterior and interior walkways efficiently. And you are free to customize your desired sheen. Go ahead, and we won’t judge you one bit!


What’s better than an ordinary driveway? A polished concrete driveway, of course! Keep your driveways in good shape. As they lead to your property, our services will surely make your outdoor concrete floor leave quite the impression!


Polishing protects the concrete slabs of your garage flooring. And with garages being heavy workplaces, they are susceptible to stains, chemicals, and wearing down. You won’t have to stress yourself out with these issues no longer with Miami concrete polishing!

Interior floors

Our unique polishing finish will reflect the right amount of light on your interior floors. Polishing also gives off damage and spill-resistance, prolonging the concrete floor’s usage.

Residential floors

Set aside those other flooring alternatives, and stick with our polishing instead. Your indoor & outdoor floors will highlight class, quality, and durability.

Surely your visitors and loved ones will love spending more time walking and admiring the surfaces. 

Commercial floors

Miami business surely will boom once your commercial floors start shining bright and vividly like diamonds. The polish is an investment you can profit from in the long run.

Our specializations and services do not stay in Miami alone. We have branches nearby in the following areas. You might not know it, but one of our stations might be just around the corner!

The Process For Polished Concrete Floors

The polishing process is easy, uncomplicated, and direct. It involves using our special equipment and tools. And here is a quick explanation of how we get it done.

  1. It all starts with a grinding process. The grind eliminates stains, debris, and other unwanted objects from the surface. This part of the process paves the way for the polishing to transition with no issues.
  2. The next part involves our professional crew using polishing disks to achieve the desired shine. 
  3. Afterward, we will install a one-of-a-kind impregnating sealer. The sealing product penetrates the concrete, making it more dense and durable. With the sealer in place, you won’t have to work yourself out with maintenance and repairs for quite some time.
  4. The last part comes with additional polishing. Skilled workers will know the exact time when to interchange grit and polishing disks. They do this by taking note of changes in the surface.
  5. A customer may request additional polishing or an extra sealing coat. We will be more than happy to oblige with both.

Why Miami FL Concrete Artisans Are The Best Concrete Contractor For You?

Being the best in the business is more than just providing quality services and products. We make sure to use only the topmost-grade items and products. We inspect and maintain our equipment for the job, making sure they work efficiently and without flaws. Our company has decades’ worth of experience. And we have made it to the top, thanks to our ever-resilient and hardworking personnel.

We train them periodically to sharpen their skills and maintain the quality of work we are famously known to provide and offer. With all of these being a part of our enterprise, you can’t go wrong with choosing us!

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Look out, Florida, Miami, FL Concrete Artisans is here to take you by storm! And we will be here for a long time! You can get in touch with us for industrial, commercial, and residential concrete polishing businesses and affairs and other services via phone or email. Call us at toll-free (786) 899-2146 today, and receive a Free Quote!

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