Pool Deck Cost and Materials: One-Stop Guide

Look at evolving themes and designs for swimming pools. Nowadays, the decks disappear if you have a small backyard pool and opt to use those innovative container pools. With the constant change to pool decking Miami designs and styles, you can innovate the decks with plunge pools and more. Jump right into the calm waters without decks to step on.

But trends adapt and reinvent themselves through time. And without the deck’s pools are not what they are.

How Much Does It Cost to Build Pool Decks Cost

An above-ground pool deck will cost an average of $6,500. But you can also have the decks built for only $4,500. There are a few factors to consider to get to your final cost.

  • Pool materials
  • Pool design or type of pool you have
  • Location
  • Area size of your pool
  • Condition of the existing deck, if there is

Let’s tackle each. First off, the materials:

Materials for Building the Decks

When choosing what type of material you will use for the decks, your budget, design preference, and functionality will play.

In the meantime, you could also think of adding a feature around small pools where you can sit and bathe under the sun. Or have a nice meal with a loved one. 

See first what your options are when it comes to the materials. You have four common types.

1. Wooden Decks

Wooden decks are the best when it comes to aesthetics. These are what you opt to use if you are after that “natural charm.”

However, it would be tricky to build the deck with natural wood. These materials may not survive moist weather. Some apply a sealer to protect the surface from constant splashes of water.

wooden pool decks with chairs and table

2. Concrete Decks

Concrete decks are now known worldwide. These materials have exceptional durability and longevity.

Remember to mention those decorative elements that adapt to various styles and concerts in a property. 

Here are fantastic concrete decking applications to choose from:

A knockdown finish will do that for you when looking for a pool decking with heat repel features. Concrete innovates its many fishing and coating methods to find what function you need in particular. Concrete can surely satisfy whatever preference you got. It is best to talk to your local pool builders and contractors about your options.
swimming pool view at night with palm trees

3. Tiled Decks

Tiled decks are quite the standard materials. And which you will often see among commercial pools. Tiles are easy to use, accessible and they come in per piece. With that, it favors your budget requirements. You can but the material in installation lest you can purchase according to your current funds.

By buying suitable material that you can get in batches, you can start working with what you have, your time, and your money.

Tiles are user-friendly, and that is why many DIY warriors choose these.

tiled swimming pool

4. Pavers and Stones

Pavers and stones are pretty standard. Specific types under these options will cost from affordable to most expensive.

Here are a few of the pol decks that are often used for luxury pools.

  • Travertine
  • Marbella Stone
  • Composite or engineered wooden decks
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