5 Important Things to Consider When Making Pool Deck Plans

A pool deck is a place for sunbathing, walking around the pool, lounging, and more. If you plan to build one along with a pool, an additional to your pool area, or just improve the existing deck, don’t just go ahead and install one in a whim. Make sure you build solid pool deck plans first. Here are the top things you need to think about when creating one:

1. Pool Deck Budget

Installing or improving a pool deck can be quite expensive especially if you want high-end materials. However, if your budget is limited, there is always an alternative. Consult a pro or make an independent research online for cheaper alternatives to high-end pool decking materials and designs.

2. Pool Deck Design

The deck should look connected to the pool. This means the design, colors, and patterns, if any, should match or complement the design of the swimming pool and the exterior of the home. If the pool and house exterior already features very decorative details, why not go for a subtle and simple deck? This will balance the look.

3. Pool Deck Location

Check your state or city for building policies and restrictions before building a deck. Make sure that it is in a convenient spot near the pool to serve its purpose. There are several 3D softwares that you can use to reimagine the look and to choose the perfect spot around the pool. Make sure that any area that needs to be dug does not have any water or power lines hidden beneath the ground.

4. Pool Deck Safety

Consider installing pool railings or barriers. This is highly recommended for homes with kids and pets around. Also, make sure to choose pool decking materials that are slip-resistant and do not absorb heat.

5. Pool Deck Amenities

Pool decks nowadays feature several amenities that make outdoor spaces a lot more comfortable and enjoyable than it was. Some add hot tubs and jacuzzis. Some add fire pits and even fireplaces to provide heat and dramatic illumination. Outdoor lighting and furniture are essential. Just make sure that electric lines are kept in safe, hard-to-reach areas and that furniture pieces are designed to endure outdoor elements. Pool decks can also include an outdoor kitchen, a mini bar, slides, water features, and more. Make sure to choose only those that will fit in your outdoor space, leaving enough room for walking and moving around freely.

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