Refinishing Your Old Concrete Floors

close up with an old concrete floor

Inheriting a property is a great experience. But, when it’s time to look closely at your acquired wealth, you see several fixer-uppers and areas for repairs. It bothers you. Should you have purchased a brand new space? 

Good thing that refinishing stained concrete floors goes with old properties that maintain hardcore floors. Staining is a resurfacing treatment to make old floors adapt their creases and become their decorative strength. 

Now for stained concrete, it has refinishing methods to revive the floor’s modern-traditional appearance.

Popular methods to refinish stained concrete floorings:

  • Patch
  • Paint
  • Re-stain

How Do You Resurface Stained Concrete Floors?

Concrete staining is one of those practical choices for resurfacing floors. Many homeowners loved how the marbled look appeared on the surface.

Here are your refinishing stained floors unraveled. Look closely at how each method or treatment works.

Concrete Patch Sealing for Stained Floors

Many sources would give you tips to stain the floors as a way to fix its flaws. However, it is rare to find those that would tell you how to retouch or re-amp the floors finished with staining.

Here go the concrete sealers. You can use these to retouch or cover up the holes or deep cracks on your beautiful stained floors. What’s in the sealers? You may ask. And what makes it an effective repair for decorative flooring?

Experts would consider concrete patch sealing as one tough job for stained floors. To use this, you need polymer-based sealers to fill the holes.

It may challenge you with using this for any patching on contrite would result in a different look and texture.

man sealing the surface floor

TIP: Here’s a tip to make use of concrete patches effectively. Remember that the look you want for your floors is the marbled effect. Either you got an acid-stained floor or one with water-based staining, what you need to do is finish up the surface with a micro top skim coat. Doing that will fix all your flooring worries.

Concrete Paint

Warning! Before you jump and skip to another blog, read through this second method. What this means by paint is with tinted concrete sealers. 

While you can paint on the concrete floors, the paint will make an odd combination with damaged stained flooring.

Using concrete coloring, you can make an initial concrete mix with tints already added. In using this treatment, you can fix any irregularities on stained concrete. Tinted sealers will also let you mimic the marbling appearance that your decorative floors once had.


While acid-staining is the best choice, giving it fixes when damaged makes you face the impossible. With that said, there is only one method to fix an acid-stained floor.

Restaining is possible, especially for discolored or cracked stained floors. There are a few essential processes under this:

  • Removing previous stains. Use concrete sealer removal to strip the surface of its old finish. 
  • Apply acrylic sealers. These are another alternative to stains, although they won’t replicate the proper form of pure acid stain. 
  • Clean and clear the surface from any coating or sealers. Remove all residue before you apply new sealers or finishings.
  • And finally this step: restain. Once you have ultimately prepared and removed the former top layers on the floors, you can now stain it new! Re-stain. 
staining the floor using acid-based

The Final Step

To wrap up your stained floor repair task, finish the surface with a sealer. This sealer will serve as the protective coat of the stained floor.

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